I believe that everyone has a story to tell and that the telling of these stories has an intrinsic value both to the teller and their community.

I have developed a methodology that gently encourages participants to recover their creative selves, tell their stories using a variety of media and connect at a deeper level with themselves, their environment and their communities.

In my 3D practice I create figurative forms exploring the ways in which stories are frequently embedded within our bodies.  All my work is grounded by an ongoing fascination with, and research into, the healing qualities of literature, myth, fairytale, storytelling, dream and archetype.

My work brings together over 26 years of training and working within the worlds of holistic health, body work, dance, creative writing, journalism, film, community arts, photography and sculpture. I am grateful to all the wonderful teachers I’ve met along the way, not least my two amazing daughters.

Surviving to thriving

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