‘The materiality of paint is something I have been exploring in my work; how paint works, the movement of paint, and the physicality of paint on the canvas.’

Kathryn graduated from Bath School of Art and Design in 2013. Born and raised by the Cornish Coast of St Ives, Kathryn’s paintings undoubtably portray elements, memories and experiences influenced by the landscape of her homeland.

Processes form a big part of her practise and question how the paintings were created. From working into the canvas with paint brushes, to pouring mixtures of paint, turpentine, and colour, the canvas is never stationary. They are moved around, turned upside down, from the wall to on the floor, highlighting the physical and performative nature of the act of painting that bring a certain energy to the canvas.

There are tensions between abstraction and representation, tension between light and dark, the spills and the brush marks, matt and varnish qualities, the depth of illusion and the surface of the painting, allowing the tradition of painting to be questioned in new ways.


Kathryn Stevens Ophelia painting

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