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Art Kit Project

Art Kit Project
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1 April 2020 - 30 September 2020    
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Art Kit Project

Thanks to funding from the Arts Council Emergency Response Funds, In Bristol Studio teamed up Studio Meraki to support and inspire our local community with the creation and distribution of art kits to families who might be finding life particularly difficult to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art Kit ProjectFrom April to September 2020 In Bristol Studio, in collaboration with Studio Meraki, delivered 4000 art kits that reached around 12000 children and young people, many of whom receive free school meals. The delivery of art kits was done in two 10 week phases, with 200 art kits going out each week with the help of a number of dedicated partners. 

We worked together to ensure that our art kits were given out to those families most in need, with many of our art kits being delivered along with food parcels by our hard working partners, these include:

Hannah More Primary School
At Hannah More Primary School, our vision is of a dynamic, engaged and thriving community that inspires ambition, pride and success in every child

Eastside  Community Trust
We provide people of all ages with places and ways to connect. We are passionate about our community and putting local people in control so together we can build healthy and happy neighbourhoods.  We inform and inspire action in Easton and Lawrence Hill making East Central Bristol a place of possibility for everyone.

Learning Partnership West
Learning Partnership West (LPW) exists to ensure that no child or young person is left without help and that children and young people are supported to build their own resilience and capability. Building on the strengths, abilities and talents of children and young people, we encourage and inspire future aspiration.

Barton Hill Activity Club
Samira Musse, Hodan Shirwa and Nura Mohamoud have joined forces to launch a new activity club and soon hope to be running regular sessions for primary-aged children in the area, with a focus on healthy eating and exercise.

Unseen UK
Unseen is working towards a world without slavery. It’s a big aim and a big task, but we believe we can do it. By concentrating our efforts on three main areas – supporting, equipping and influencing – we can start to tackle the issue in a way that really works.

Focusing on simple activities, our kits were designed by local artists (many of whom are based at In Bristol Studio) to inspire creativity, develop skills, and provide a welcome distraction.  The kits were produced and packed following COVID-19 health and safety guidance at In Bristol Studio, which was forced to close during the first lockdown period.

You can find out more about the artists involved in round two of the project below or visit Studio Meraki to find out more about round one.

Kate Roe - TrophiesKate Roe
Trained wig maker and special effects makeup artist, I work with designers and directors in advertising, print and television to bring to life  weird and wonderful creatures and personalities for my clients.

My fascination with adornment and self-decoration encouraged me to fulfil a lifelong ambition and move into the world of jewellery design and making. Combining the love for bright, shiny and colourful decoration and taking inspiration from the many different cultures I’ve been lucky enough to work around. My ever evolving jewellery line is highly inspired by traditional process, texture and surface decoration. Using lots of different techniques and a range of materials to acquire a multi faceted collection of interesting one off and small batch pieces.

For more information about Kate and her work visit

Click to watch Kate’s ‘How to Make a Paper Trophies‘ video and here to download the pdf instructions.


Dee Moxon - Natural BirdsDee Moxon
I started to make giant puppets in 1998 and found I just couldn’t stop. This fascination with big puppets led me to form Gynormous Rawkus(2001-2011). I instigated and ran The Easton Carnival Procession from 1999 continuing as Gynormous Rawkus from 2001-7.

I work both nationally and internationally creating carnival teams and really big puppets for both community and corporate clients.

When I work on a community level it is done through the workshop process, often and at best with people of all ages. This has given mer the privilege of being at the heart of communities as they celebrate. One of the most special celebrations involved building a 40ft Dragon Lantern in the village of Dinder near Wells in Somerset to celebrate their dragon festival which happens every 50 years. In 2011 the work of Gynormous Rawkus culminated in the making and performing of Giant puppets for global brands Manchester United and Chelsea Football Clubs. However me and my fellow artist Stephanie Reeves still create together for private clients.

For more information about Dee and her work visit

Click to watch Dee’s ‘How to Make a Nature Bird‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-19 - Eve Olsen - Straw StructuresEve Olsen
I am an architectural designer, carpenter and educator. My portfolio includes conceptual and technical drawing, model-making, ceramics, playground design, wood-work, interactive design and build workshops.

I specialise in community participation and public engagement and has a keen interest in democratising art and design.

Eve doesn’t currently have a website but you can contact her here.

Click to watch Eve’s ‘How to Make a Straw Structure‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-17 - Phil Root - Clay PlayPhil Root
I work primarily with paint, clay and textiles, with the output from the studio often being displayed in assemblages or installations. Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2006 I have been exploring specific histories and how they reflect our relationship to nature and our place within the world. I took up residency at Wysing Arts Centre in 2011 where I co-founded The Grantchester Pottery with artist Giles Round and in 2016 they were awarded the Freelands Lomax Ceramics Fellowship at Camden Arts Centre. I am also co-founder of Caraboo Projects in Bristol and visiting lecturer at University of West England.

For more information about Phil and his work visit

Click to watch Phil’s ‘How to Make a Clay Pot Friend‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-16 - Suzi Bratt - Antimoni Box MonstersANTIMONI – Suzi Bratt
I am an interdisciplinary artist who employs various techniques including painting, sewing, digital drawing and printmaking. My work explores storytelling, communication and identity through a colourful lens of myth and magic. I believe that creativity is a language that enables the expression of thought and emotion otherwise difficult to convey, a principle I strive to cultivate in my work as an arts facilitator.

I have been involved with a variety of projects including the production and management of scenic art at festivals such as Outlook and Dimensions, the curation of exhibitions and the sale of work at events such as the PAGES International Artist Book Fair. Currently I am working as an artist and arts facilitator with venues around Bristol, producing original work and leading creative workshops with both children and adults.

For more information about Suzi and her work visit ANTIMONI.

Click to watch Suzi’s ‘How to Make a Box Monster‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-15 - Selina Carr - RainbowsSelina Carr
I’m a passionate printmaker and teacher that wanted to share my knowledge. So I created an independent creative business called Dinky Screens. Our motto is “ we want to show the world how to screenprint.”

We supply dinky & large screen printing kits, designed for all abilities and have everything you need inside the tin to get you started, at home or in the studio. We run textile printed workshops for all ages, where you can design and print your clothing, fabric etc.

For more information about Selina and her work visit Selina Carr

Click to watch Selina’s ‘How to Make a Rainbow Window‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-14 - Jo Ball - Magic WandsJo Ball
I am artist and gardener based in Bristol. My practice includes studio-based activity creating objects, drawings, screen prints & books, plus a participatory approach involving people, plants and places.

Making and materials are central to my work and my practice is led by a deep curiosity for the outside world and a fascination for the workings of the human brain. Horticulture often feeds into my practice through the use of natural objects or by using growing as a way to connect people.

Recent projects include “Patches of Blue Sky”, commissioned by OSR Projects in 2016 where I responded to a recently restored ‘twineworks’ by inviting people to grow flax from seed. Throughout 2020-2021 I am Associate Artist at Grizedale Arts in the Lake District, working with the local community as part of their Valley Project, to create a collection of recipes and personal memories around food.  In 2020 I will also be participating in the inaugural Bricks Artist Programme, Bristol – a new artist network for visual artists in the West of England.

For more information about Jo and her work visit Jo Ball

Click to watch Jo’s ‘How to Make a Magic Wand‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


Wk-12 - Libby Altaras - Mini TheatreOlivia Altaras
I am a designer, maker and community artist.  I work on large scale immersive theatre projects and smaller scale community projects, events and festivals. I enjoy the process of collaborating and story telling and creating theatre in response to the environment.

I am passionate about bringing theatre to non-conventional spaces, reaching new audiences, and exploring the narratives of different communities.  Have over 10 years of experience working with different theatre companies, community projects, events organisers and more, and in 2015 I completed a Masters Degree in Participatory & Community Arts at Goldsmiths University.

For more information about Olivia and her work visit

Click to watch Olivia’s ‘How to Miniature Theatre‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


WK-12 - Belle Shilliday - Print BristolBelle Shilliday
I am a freelance Art Therapist and Artist working in Bristol and London.  As an Art Therapist I work with young people in a variety of setting with a range of artistic abilities. This has taught me there is no right or wrong when it come to art making. As an Artist I work with a wide range of media from paints, collages and textiles. This mix of experience has taught me a lot about the process in which art is made and the important of having fun and experimenting, which has led me to exploring with different textures and processes of mark making.

Click to watch Belle’s ‘How to Printing Bristol‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions


Wk-11 - Steph Reeves - Monster MunchersSteph Reeves
I discovered my love of giant puppets after working with Dee Moxon on the Gathering of the Giants in 2000. We later went on to form Gynormous Rawkus and have worked together on a variety of incredible projects over the last 15 years.

These include, Easton Carnival 2001-2005, Bristol city Council park events 2005-2010, Walk the Plank giant Avatar bird for Manchester Day Parade 2010, two 5 metre giant mascots puppets for Manchester united and Chelsea football teams for the football association, we also performed these at Wembley stadium on 2009 and 2010. And a giant puppet commission for the Boomtown fair 2016.

As well as my work with Gynormous Rawkus I have continued to work as a freelance artist, working on community projects across Bristol with people of all ages. I have also created my own giant art pieces that are available for hire. These include two giant reindeer puppets, a walkabout act for the Christmas session and The Parasol Carousel, a spinning light installation made from umbrellas which was made with Tracey Graham.

For more information about Steph and her work visit

Click to watch Steph’s ‘How to Make a Monster Muncher Puppet‘ video and here to download the PDF instructions.


This project was funded by the Arts Council Emergency Response Funds

Arts Council England

Tickets: Free!

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