Kerry Russell


With a long history of working within Arts + Health, Youth Theatre and Community Arts, Kerry has a passion for enabling others to explore their creativity through exciting and dynamic artistic experiences. A creative polyhistor, Kerry has developed a broad range of skills working with a variety of materials and fabrication techniques that enable her to deliver an expansive range of projects.

As founding member and Director of In Bristol Studios, and Chair of Phoenix 52 & Studio Meraki, Kerry is rooted in her local community. Creatively producing events, parades and site specific installations that always have local stakeholders at the heart. Kerry believes strongly in participatory arts & engagement, developing concepts that utilise ideas born from communities and translating them into meaningful projects. The power of a successful outcome and the positive impact of a shared focus to improve social connections, local pride and wellbeing within a community are becoming increasingly important in today’s modern society.

Having worked extensively within the field of Arts + Health for the past decade, Kerry continues to work with large regional organisations to design and deliver programmes of creative sessions with a focus on health and wellbeing. More recently Kerry has been supporting the development of practical courses for those working within the Health & Social care sector, exploring how they can creatively embed Artistic practice into every day care settings.

In her role as Designer Maker, Kerry works alongside some of Bristol’s most exciting youth theatre & theatre producers designing & fabricating props, sets & costumes.

Kerry Works With

  • Artist Educator
  • Arts Administration
  • Designer Maker
  • Participatory Arts
  • Site-specific Instillation

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