Jeffrey Hart


I am focussed on building highly efficient homes from low technology materials. I blend the tried and tested methods of heritage vernacular building with modern building and material science to create buildings that are healthy to the builder, occupant and the environment.

I am a former graphic designer with a degree in Industrial design, so I have a keen eye for detail and creative flair, whilst also possessing a thirst for understanding the how things work.

My initial training was undertaken in Oregon, US at Aprovecho, where I attended the first Sustainable Shelter Series. I stayed on at Aprovecho to create my Tiny Home Dome.

I then worked for Community Rebuilds in Utah, as a natural building instructor. Teaching the natural building elements of a 1000sqft straw bale house with an earth floor, exterior lime plaster and earth plasters internally.

Now I’m based back in the United Kingdom and working as a self employed natural builder on new build, heritage and renovation projects.

Jeffrey Works With

  • Natural Builder
  • Woodwork
  • Workshops