Flora Arbuthnott


Flora specialises in natural dyeing and printmaking for textiles. Practicing traditional and modern natural dyeing techniques using wild plants and specialist plant dyes, without the use of harmful chemicals. She grows and forages many of her dyes around Bristol and Devon. Her practice includes organic indigo vat dyeing, bundle dyeing, Japanese Shibori resist techniques, silk screen printing, and plant mordants.

Flora dyes cloth to commission, runs workshops facilitating the use of natural materials in textile design, and also runs wild plant walks, identifying natural dye plants and edible plants. Flora is occupied with exploring the wayside plants and fungi that grow all around us. Connecting with seasonal and region abundance. Sharing what can be used for dyeing textiles, which ones are edible, which ones are medicine, and which ones are useful tools. Turning weeds in to useful plants, bringing old knowledge back in to use, as well as exploring more modern techniques. She has demonstrated her practice on Gardener’s Question Time and Countryfile. She teaches in Bristol, London, and Devon.

Flora Works With

  • Illustration
  • Print Maker
  • Surface Design

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