Event Date: 29.09.2018

In Bristol Studio is very excited to announce its ‘Festival of Making’, a multi-disciplinary open studio event to showcase the creativity of our residents and the local community.

The theme for the event isCotton’. It was chosen because the building that the studio is in is one of the last remaining parts of The Great Western Cotton Factory.  As a studio we are looking forward to exploring the building, local history and a wider journey through cotton as a material.

The studio will be filled with a showcase of new work by our varied and talented artist and maker residents. This will include a number of commissions made in collaboration between pairs of studio members exploring our theme.  We are encouraging our artists to work outside of their normal practice, to share skills, and to be as experimental as they like!

We are also thrilled to be commissioning some participatory sculptural installations created by residents with local community groups. These will be supported by Pangea Sculpture Centre.

All the commissions for new work and participatory workshops are thanks to funding from Arts Council England.  This incredible organisation makes an unrivalled contribution towards creative professional development, whilst encouraging wider involvement in, and appreciation of the Arts.

Our artists are also supported by the Up Our Street Endowment Fund, a grant for residents and groups helping deliver projects in the local area.

As well as opening our doors, we will be spilling out into our neighbouring streets and green spaces.  There will be food, music and creative workshops for all ages.

In Bristol Studio and its residents can’t wait to see you at The Festival of Making on the 29th of September!

Look out for more details in our blog, and on Facebook and Instagram.

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