My designs are often intricate and highly detailed, utilising laser-cutting technology to create complex designs that feature delicate engraving and etching. I like to mix colours and textures, and work mainly in laser-cut acrylics and woods to create jewellery that is surprisingly lightweight for its size.

More recently, I have embarked on a recycling journey, having invested in my own equipment to melt and press offcut acrylic scraps into new sheet material that can be laser-cut again to create new jewellery. Having hoarded all my scrap material since I first began laser-cutting, this has been a fun and exciting journey, not to mention a great way to keep my off-cut materials from landfill. You can follow my recycling journey on instagram here.

Design-wise, I am inspired by a wide range of influences in print, pattern, colour and texture – from vintage floral and psychedelic prints and patterns, to the shapes found in nature. I love creating eye-catching jewellery that grabs people’s attention and doesn’t follow seasonal trends.



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