I use an eclectic mix of mediums that seem to go on expanding, including charcoal, body print & pencil drawings, print-making,  paint, sculpture, and site-specific installations.

I am currently engaged​ in​ creating very large, medium, and small pencil drawings of plants and flowers.

Working as an art handler during the installation of Tate Modern 2000, in addition to other experiences, had a profound effect ​on​ how I perceive my artwork. When I am working, I can imagine the piece hanging.

As it develops, it becomes unique and very exciting. I am immersed in the moment.

I am exploring the contrast between artworks displayed in the grandeur of gallery settings compared with the quiet reflections inside the home; and how the different surroundings, sizes and soundscapes may invite vastly different conversations, emotions, and insights.

I enjoy getting lost in scale, finding excitement in the challenge of larger artworks compared with the quieter nature of smaller works.

I look to engage the observer. I strive to develop technique.

My first two solo exhibitions were in Bristol 2016 and 2017 and you can currently find some of my recent work exhibited here.

Big Love 2021 pencil on paper - Laura Williams

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