Can you ever truly see yourself ?

 To be is to be perceived – to know oneself is only possible through the eyes of another.

Art is in the seeing.

Our vision is constantly active, reacting to the present surroundings, informing each moment of our lives.

When you look at your reflection, what do you see?

What is essential to our being?

We are not static or fixed forms but in constant transit, alongside the world we live in.

 I am tussling with the components that impact and inform a person, as I endeavour to visually offer the viewer an experience with the phenomenon of being human.

There is a fine line between abstraction and likeness; I am finding a way people can directly relate to something that is seemingly nothing.

 I work in various disciplines; Painting, video, sculpture and installation, exploring the different impacts these mediums have in conveying an individual.


Hannah Blight-Anderson

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