Deadly Nightshade creates handmade ceramic lamps, objects and artworks. Inspired by fragments of the classical world, the lamp base is chosen as the canvas to demonstrate a world that can counteract the sterile aspects of our reality.

Founded by Alexis (BA Fine Art) in 2021, Deadly Nightshade is a culmination of her fascination with wildlife, historical imagery and rock culture. But also born out of her interest in classical architecture and mythological symbolism.

The studio began in a 16ft trailer in the Hill Country, just outside Austin Texas.  “My band in London had broken up. Everyone thought I was out there partying and making music, but I was struck by its rugged landscape…and, strangely, I could finally ‘see’ England. I began writing medieval songs and sculpting again. I wanted to make sense of my life and answer to no one. I knew that connecting music and art was key.”

Deadly Nightshade is all about encouraging people not to hide their true personality…in jobs, relationships, etc. “ Life is short and fleeting, if we’re not pursuing what makes us happy…then what’s the point?!”

The studio is a platform for unique collections and new designs. It offers a branding service for independent businesses, and works with interior designers…


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