CV-19 Pandemic Art Kits For 200 Local Families

In Bristol Studio has teamed up Studio Meraki to support and inspire our local community with the creation and distribution of Art Kits to families who might be finding life particularly difficult to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with local organisations delivering essential support, we are sending kits out to 200 families, every week for ten weeks. Focusing on simple activities, the kits are designed by local artists, many of whom are In Bristol Studio members, to inspire creativity, develop skills, and provide a welcome distraction.

We’ll be adding profiles of the artists who created our Art Kits here over the next ten weeks:

Olivia Altaras
I am a designer, maker and community artist.  I work on large scale immersive theatre projects and smaller scale community projects, events and festivals. I enjoy the process of collaborating and story telling and creating theatre in response to the environment.

I am passionate about bringing theatre to non-conventional spaces, reaching new audiences, and exploring the narratives of different communities.  Have over 10 years of experience working with different theatre companies, community projects, events organisers and more, and in 2015 I completed a Masters Degree in Participatory & Community Arts at Goldsmiths University.

For more information about Olivia and her work visit  Click to watch Olivia’s ‘How to Miniature Theatre‘ video and to download the PDF instructions (soon).


Belle Shilliday
I am a freelance Art Therapist and Artist working in Bristol and London.  As an Art Therapist I work with young people in a variety of setting with a range of artistic abilities. This has taught me there is no right or wrong when it come to art making. As an Artist I work with a wide range of media from paints, collages and textiles. This mix of experience has taught me a lot about the process in which art is made and the important of having fun and experimenting, which has led me to exploring with different textures and processes of mark making.

Click to watch Belle’s ‘How to Printing Bristol‘ video and to download the PDF instructions.


Photo of Brown haired woman, holding a Monster puppet made from rubbish and art materials

Steph Reeves
I discovered my love of giant puppets after working with Dee Moxon on the Gathering of the Giants in 2000. We later went on to form Gynormous Rawkus and have worked together on a variety of incredible projects over the last 15 years.

These include, Easton Carnival 2001-2005, Bristol city Council park events 2005-2010, Walk the Plank giant Avatar bird for Manchester Day Parade 2010, two 5 metre giant mascots puppets for Manchester united and Chelsea football teams for the football association, we also performed these at Wembley stadium on 2009 and 2010. And a giant puppet commission for the Boomtown fair 2016.

As well as my work with Gynormous Rawkus I have continued to work as a freelance artist, working on community projects across Bristol with people of all ages. I have also created my own giant art pieces that are available for hire. These include two giant reindeer puppets, a walkabout act for the Christmas session and The Parasol Carousel, a spinning light installation made from umbrellas which was made with Tracey Graham.

For more information about Steph and her work visit

Click to watch Steph’s ‘How to Make a Monster Muncher Puppet‘ video and to download the PDF instructions.

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